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DashEightMate 2d72f65d86 Merge pull request 'post: validate post id before updating' (#84) from fix/edit-post-ws into main 9 months ago
@types Fix test typing issues 1 year ago
__tests__ Fix test typing issues 1 year ago
api_tests Fix several linting and typescript compile errors 1 year ago
components post: validate post id before updating 9 months ago
hooks FeaturedPosts: fix bugs with updating the store, make a local storage hook 11 months ago
services ListCommunities: use http instead of websocket 10 months ago
stories Fix mobile header flex alignment 1 year ago
StyledLink.tsx Fix tooltips for upvotes and create post buttons 1 year ago
clean-url.ts Remove tracking tags from submitted URLs 1 year ago
constants.tsx switched out donation link in /constants.tsx 1 year ago
custom-emojis.ts emojis: double size lol 11 months ago
custom.css properly handle mobile nsfw content, fix bug with external video thumbnail 9 months ago
customThemes.tsx Add new custom theme, add button focus styles, fix post listing border layout 1 year ago
embed-blocklist.json changed blacklist to blocklist, removed console.log 11 months ago
emoji-paths.json why do we not already have this 9 months ago
env.ts Pointed everything back to local server 11 months ago
http.ts post: move GetPost to http 10 months ago
i18next.ts Get linkEvent proxy working 1 year ago
index.tsx Rehost ppb to pictrs 11 months ago
interfaces.ts Merge pull request 'Modlog is moved to http and features better filtering' (#38) from feature/better-modlog into main 10 months ago
isProduction.ts Fix formatting 1 year ago
linkEvent.ts Fix formatting 1 year ago
normalize-url.ts Fix formatting 1 year ago
service-worker.ts Open inline links in new tab, remove referrer header, fix service worker path, fix bug in updating user's default sort type 1 year ago
theme.tsx themes: fix theme not being set 11 months ago
utils.ts better integration for videos 9 months ago
variables.css Merge branch 'features/sitemod' into rework/react-v2 1 year ago
version.ts Fix formatting 1 year ago