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WhyEssEff 63d34a15d1 i lost count 1 day ago
WhyEssEff 9e2fb03c85 attempt 5 1 day ago
WhyEssEff 5ab9a91777 attempt 4 2 days ago
WhyEssEff 51fab3bfb2 attempt... 3? 2 days ago
WhyEssEff 8f91f6b607 attempt #2? 2 days ago
WhyEssEff 50a22c1432 fix 2 days ago
WhyEssEff 19f51e69f3 order change 3 days ago
WhyEssEff 1f98dc64b8 quick fix 3 days ago
WhyEssEff 2d6306944a last batch 3 days ago
WhyEssEff c9e15ca8d7 attempt #2 6 days ago
WhyEssEff a6351ac44e tagline revert for smooth merge 1 week ago
WhyEssEff a3673bca24 Merge branch 'main' of ssh://gitssh.chapo.chat:222/hexbear-collective/hexbear-frontend 1 week ago
WhyEssEff 44ad4623b4 optim and drop 1 week ago
WhyEssEff 855406b4e6 disco 9/11 1 month ago
WhyEssEff 6145195953 json fixes and reversions for cache issues on my end 1 month ago
layla f3d4388c6f Merge pull request 'Allow community title to use `<CURRENT_USER>` etc.' (#213) from feature/community_title_improvements into main 1 month ago
layla 59e7144e4d Allow community title to use `<CURRENT_USER>` etc. 1 month ago
WhyEssEff 9c6667ba42 lol 1 month ago
WhyEssEff 08e5261533 fix 1 month ago
WhyEssEff 39b8cc0626 quick fix 1 month ago
layla cfdbd58f34 Revert "Update portus token" 1 month ago
layla 144e376a1f Update portus token 1 month ago
layla 0cd4ff6c1c Merge pull request 'Emote Drop (updated as of August 2022)' (#198) from WhyEssEff/hexbear-frontend:main into main 1 month ago
WhyEssEff 18e591f7ef Merge branch 'main' of ssh://gitssh.chapo.chat:222/WhyEssEff/hexbear-frontend 1 month ago
WhyEssEff ec4533170a more cleaning 1 month ago
WhyEssEff 99ccbd4802 cleaning 1 month ago
WhyEssEff d3f146f5a2 Merge branch 'main' into main 1 month ago
WhyEssEff 7058494617 fix +1 1 month ago
layla a622a4ddf1 Merge pull request 'add more instructions for running via docker' (#211) from layla/hexbear-frontend:fix/build_instructions into main 1 month ago
WhyEssEff c061cd4e7e last one fr 2 months ago
WhyEssEff 35a1936789 drop finished 2 months ago
WhyEssEff 281b8306c8 update 2 months ago
layla 6de7212dd4 add more instructions for running via docker 2 months ago
WhyEssEff 1d46de8ea0 Merge branch 'main' of ssh://gitssh.chapo.chat:222/WhyEssEff/hexbear-frontend 6 months ago
WhyEssEff c6bb83adf7 Merge branch 'main' of ssh://gitssh.chapo.chat:222/hexbear-collective/hexbear-frontend 6 months ago
WhyEssEff c89855c4be Merge branch 'main' into main 6 months ago
WhyEssEff 934223f74a ready for merge 6 months ago
WhyEssEff dae0ddc0e9 fix lint, ready for merge 6 months ago
WhyEssEff 757bf701e8 merge and more 6 months ago
WhyEssEff 89eb0b600b style fix 6 months ago
WhyEssEff 62e13b57a8 ts changes (amateur) 6 months ago
WhyEssEff 1ca73bf99a emote 6 months ago
WhyEssEff 8cf72b063f cleaning 6 months ago
WhyEssEff 6c9485c2ab more taglines 6 months ago
WhyEssEff 8ca7032135 on second thought that one might be poor taste 6 months ago
WhyEssEff 3f84a35664 taglines and a rocked man 6 months ago
DashEightMate e7b0bcbd6b Merge pull request 'Banned user tag improvements' (#208) from layla/hexbear-frontend:fix/clean-up-banned-user-tag into main 6 months ago
DashEightMate 2fdcad0f15 Merge pull request 'Rename users "online" to users "viewing" in comm/post views' (#203) from layla/hexbear-frontend:fix/update-online-phrasing into main 6 months ago
WhyEssEff b6cae938e5 better variation 6 months ago
WhyEssEff 035e644593 s y n t h e s i s 6 months ago