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WhyEssEff 91712e4e7d update 4 weeks ago
DashEightMate 7dea9b3eef Merge pull request 'Selfhosted frontend' (#191) from feature/frontend-selfhost into main 1 month ago
Dash8 4db6393e04 Merge branch 'main' into feature/frontend-selfhost 1 month ago
DashEightMate 4cb80fe3c3 Merge pull request 'remove posthog script' (#199) from layla/hexbear-frontend:fix/remove-posthog-script into main 1 month ago
layla bdb1e7b7ef remove posthog script 1 month ago
Dash8 f82f023e95 copy entire server into docker image 1 month ago
Dash8 ef2c9e7d54 move docs to selfhost frontend, remove console log, new taglines 1 month ago
Dash8 1f535d6574 Merge branch 'feature/frontend-selfhost' of ssh://gitssh.chapo.chat:222/hexbear-collective/hexbear-frontend into feature/frontend-selfhost 1 month ago
Dash8 5e219696f9 install server dependencies as well in dockerfile, add taglines 1 month ago
DashEightMate 2c9470615b documentation added to static routing 1 month ago
WhyEssEff 8dccf0eddd lathe 2 months ago
WhyEssEff e243a3c9de big iron 2 months ago
WhyEssEff cc56ca8c76 chad 2 months ago
WhyEssEff 4817d4a77f taliban 2 months ago
WhyEssEff d9b7adbc73 got a break 2 months ago
DashEightMate 6d8d78e7af fix issues with import outside of module 4 months ago
DashEightMate f8260ffc43 remove server lint from drone as i seriously cant get this to work 4 months ago
DashEightMate d22dfa19c7 depend on fe build 4 months ago
DashEightMate fdee79af6f && chaining with drone 4 months ago
DashEightMate 599e32e450 compile server before linting, ignore parent directories when compiling 4 months ago
DashEightMate c283d1711b correctly change drone working directory this time? 4 months ago
DashEightMate 50d91659c1 add server lint to drone 4 months ago
DashEightMate a10a0227fc recognize webp as valid image 4 months ago
DashEightMate 87e608c4d1 serverside meta tag rendering using knex + handlebars 4 months ago
DashEightMate 8101eddb21 include proxying for the backend in the server 4 months ago
DashEightMate 67a83d052a Initial selfhosting frontend server, added to dockerfile, move taglines from /public 4 months ago
WhyEssEff 2d28116089 got some time today to screw around 4 months ago
WhyEssEff c18ed1bf61 funny 4 months ago
WhyEssEff 3fcc828f33 funny feeling 4 months ago
WhyEssEff 7fbf6501d7 Merge branch 'main' of https://git.chapo.chat/WhyEssEff/hexbear-frontend 4 months ago
DashEightMate 7ffba6e3b3 Merge pull request 'deserialize login error message correctly' (#189) from fix/login-hellothere into main 4 months ago
Dash8 a824f8ba5f deserialize login error message correctly 4 months ago
WhyEssEff ed40277e8e me not working hard? 5 months ago
WhyEssEff f49134e6f2 Merge branch 'main' of ssh://gitssh.chapo.chat:222/hexbear-collective/hexbear-frontend 5 months ago
WhyEssEff 7a305240b8 last commit 5 months ago
WhyEssEff c20eda37e5 optim 5 months ago
WhyEssEff 7063cab112 emote 5 months ago
DashEightMate ee4f576a2a Merge pull request 'emote drop/review' (#184) from WhyEssEff/hexbear-frontend:main into main 5 months ago
DashEightMate 52fa31cfab Merge pull request 'move post/comment state to state hook, callback system to stop unnecesary resubscription. another possible fix for infinite loading' (#186) from fix/infinite-main-loading into main 5 months ago
DashEightMate 5849633e73 Merge pull request 'fix/login' (#185) from StalinistApologist/hexbear-frontend:fix/login into main 5 months ago
DashEightMate 856c2ebf72 Merge pull request 'feature/better-newuser-experience' (#183) from feature/better-newuser-experience into main 5 months ago
Dash8 b9afed92b6 unsubscribe from websocket while revalidating posts 5 months ago
WhyEssEff d704d0a037 y 5 months ago
WhyEssEff 26b525b197 final addition 5 months ago
WhyEssEff 959550cbba edits 5 months ago
WhyEssEff 5c60a21a83 swap 5 months ago
WhyEssEff 9440c4e297 removed racist implication 5 months ago
Dash8 ff7a5eaa85 better ux linting 5 months ago
WhyEssEff df7e9229cb trim 5 months ago
WhyEssEff c80868aaeb lol 5 months ago