125 Commits (ec4029a6e623573925807eb1cfbbeb954b1742a8)

Author SHA1 Message Date
GreatBearShark 9ad084a1dd Replace Choices.js with Combobox 2 years ago
Stalinist Apologist 208a3c0170 ui: update packages 2 years ago
GreatBearShark 625fcd54da Add emoji-mart 2 years ago
GreatBearShark 675d7117fd Fix paths, make dynamic for dev and prod 2 years ago
GreatBearShark 872151b05c Add base path to build output 2 years ago
GreatBearShark caa15cd344 Add open command to start script 2 years ago
GreatBearShark ba3f7904ce Remove unused packages 2 years ago
GreatBearShark af724d5660 Remove react-scripts, comment out fuse.js 2 years ago
GreatBearShark f19b6cd0a2 Fix moment and markdown emoji modules 2 years ago
GreatBearShark 1a6ad047fa Fix building, remove duplicate asset directory 2 years ago
GreatBearShark acb6da69ca Basic tooling working, build broken 2 years ago
GreatBearShark 050ba93745 Fix start script port 2 years ago
GreatBearShark 233bae546d Fix deprecated this.context usage 2 years ago
GreatBearShark 27d4e89b88 Convert parcel to create-react-app 2 years ago
GreatBearShark bbda634582 Add missing react types, fix typing for linkEvent 2 years ago
GreatBearShark 6aab9a58e9 Get linkEvent proxy working 2 years ago
Dessalines 134bb99271 Update inferno-i18next. 2 years ago
GreatBearShark a42c6d7cfb Open inline links in new tab, remove referrer header, fix service worker path, fix bug in updating user's default sort type 2 years ago
GreatBearShark 26c734b296 Add service worker 2 years ago
Dessalines 516cd1f9b3 Enforce rustfmt +nightly for consistent rust imports. (#1035) 2 years ago
John Doe e8154ac15f removed accidental import 2 years ago
DashEightMate 1fb8b0628f start of community dropdown 2 years ago
Dessalines 356410d8d9 Adding inferno-helmet to fix page titles. Fixes #1028 (#1030) 2 years ago
Dessalines 700417efac Upgrade front deps. (#1029) 2 years ago
Coma Grayce 0ab117a9f2 Add sub and sup Markdown tags. 2 years ago
Brigador 3ae497b42d Fix layout issues caused by merge 2 years ago
nutomic 50015e56e1 Split code into cargo workspaces (#67) 2 years ago
Dessalines 8068927fa2 Replacing selectr with choices.js for community searching. (#932) 2 years ago
Dessalines 5568e929ba Removing twemoji, and the massive emoji picker. Fixes #895 2 years ago
John Doe 92363b5dbe remove unnecessary dependency 2 years ago
GreatBearShark ead3c4d6bb Remove tracking tags from submitted URLs 2 years ago
Dessalines 06328f43c7 Adding a test bed for API testing. #658 2 years ago
Dessalines b58f2f1fa4 Updating front end packages. 2 years ago
Dessalines f9f5da392b Add Emoji squashed commit. 2 years ago
Dessalines 40c441a2b1 Add Emoji Picker for comments and post body. 2 years ago
Dessalines de97b3ec90 Updating rust, rust deps, yarn deps. Fixes #605 2 years ago
Dessalines fb62a141b5 Only show tribute menu after a minlength of 3 characters. 2 years ago
Dessalines d6af36f877 A first pass at adding icons, and tippy tooltips. 2 years ago
Dessalines a212f7a09b Upgrading inferno. 2 years ago
Dessalines 7e234762a8 Adding generate report for yarn start. 2 years ago
Felix Ableitner 83e2ac8e7d remove translation report from readme 2 years ago
Felix 60173a7581 generate typescript during compilation 2 years ago
Felix 436ac085e2 make i18n compatible with weblate 2 years ago
Dessalines 57322c8665 Use image thumbnails from pictshare. Fixes #555 2 years ago
Dessalines f0c8082bd9 Add community refine by searching on new post creation. Fixes #521 2 years ago
Dessalines 56b4613ecf Fixing some technical debt. Fixes #524 2 years ago
Dessalines bc6b23efef Fixing issue with multiple notifications. 2 years ago
Dessalines 5461eaeb0a Testing out reconnecting websocket instead of rxJS one. #496 2 years ago
Dessalines cdba00dcd1 Adding yarn run ts-node to husky pre-commit. 2 years ago
Dessalines 4aa33f92b1 Updating front end packages. 2 years ago