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Dessalines b5366912eb Adding an i386 theme. Fixes #476 2 years ago
components Adding materia theme. Fixes #478 2 years ago
services Merge branch 'dev' into nutomic-api-benchmark 2 years ago
translations updated Dutch translations 2 years ago
env.ts TS func refactoring 2 years ago
i18next.ts Removing english placeholders for Farsi. 2 years ago
index.html Adding a noscript message. Fixes #464 2 years ago
index.tsx Adding private messaging, and matrix user ids. 2 years ago
interfaces.ts Add sorting by old (date, ascending) to comment frontend 2 years ago
utils.ts Adding an i386 theme. Fixes #476 2 years ago
version.ts Version v0.6.7 2 years ago