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DashEightMate 3ab0d72c5d Bump dev dockerfile to newer rust version, move to cargo-chef, properly deserialize iframely json 11 months ago
chapoadmin 6b21669250 fixing dockerignore file 2 years ago
Ryexandra 200c8853ca generate git version info 2 years ago
Felix 231388f3a7 Implement integration test for federation 2 years ago
Dessalines 78887c89bf Fixing .dockerignore. 2 years ago
Dessalines c3c94313f7 Updating federation docker volumes ignores. 2 years ago
Dessalines ec905cf9e2 Adding full logging. 2 years ago
Felix 4f9772e3e6 Cleanup gitignore and dockerignore files 2 years ago
Dessalines 910c756cdf Adding volumes to dockerignore. 2 years ago
Felix 0754e520c0 Faster Docker build directly on host 3 years ago
Felix Ableitner e3ac47bfa7 Include docs in docker image 3 years ago
Dessalines 98410cfa4d Updating readme with gitlab and github links. 3 years ago
Dessalines a47712d302 Adding docker. 3 years ago