84 Commits (d502945907b3a27ee6f6e03086aa711f9ab6f3ac)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Dash8 d3f92fca94 resolved breaking changes with dependency updates 1 year ago
DashEightMate 5d3f1a5117 remove frontend hosting from rust backend, wip new nginx conf 1 year ago
Dash8 07c271fa3c fix autosubscribe sql, cargo fmt 2 years ago
ryexandrite 5a4de80458 no-cache for scripts and html, cache images for 12 hours 2 years ago
John Doe f19951df4f allowed credentials through cors, fixed panic on no auth 2 years ago
ryexandrite a8ebbcf2c1 cargo fmt 2 years ago
eiknat e642fcb81b main: any origin 2 years ago
eiknat 0c3afb85ca main: fuck it, any header idc 2 years ago
eiknat 9bcb6aa6ed main: options??? 2 years ago
eiknat 02209853cb main: add UPGRADE to allowed_headers 2 years ago
eiknat 6f2cca76d5 main: add cors 2 years ago
Ryexandra 7d88ed78e5 cargo +nightly fmt 2 years ago
John Doe 48bdacdebc moved cache from static global 2 years ago
John Doe 144119b7b9 rustfmt formatting 2 years ago
eiknat 497a7135fc main: comment out advanced_migrations 2 years ago
Felix Ableitner dd86c6a560 Move api structs and rate limit into separate workspaces 2 years ago
Felix Ableitner 8974072a61 Refactor websocket to split it into multiple files 2 years ago
nutomic f13bf3a788 implement ActivitySender actor (#89) 2 years ago
Dessalines 08f1fa697c Fixing broken websocket sends. Removing WebSocketInfo (#1098) 2 years ago
GreatBearShark e446636b84 Add CORS middleware header 2 years ago
Ryexandra a19048507a components: Fix some react warnings. 2 years ago
nutomic b55dd5e6de Implement context (#86) 2 years ago
nutomic ada797e416 Remove dead code (#81) 2 years ago
Ryexandra 69b12340b9 Merge tag 'v0.7.41' into chapo-dev 2 years ago
nutomic 8c9d296f60 Proxy pictrs requests through Lemmy (fixes #371) (#77) 2 years ago
nutomic 7dd4fac5ca Split code into cargo workspaces (#67) 2 years ago
Riley 48a1c13a9a Federation async (#848) 2 years ago
Dessalines fa0c620a3e Changing cache to 1 hour until we can figure out caching issue. 3 years ago
Felix Ableitner 381e60a976 Add cache-control header to HTTP responses based on mime 3 years ago
Felix 489dfd7796 Rework imports 3 years ago
asonix 7b80f714f2 Give ratelimit fields explicit names 3 years ago
asonix 9d7a0a0021 Add websockets into the api scope 3 years ago
asonix 1b07146e13 Change RateLimit to act as a middleware 3 years ago
Dessalines 4755369207 Adding websocket notification system. 3 years ago
Felix 1a38cb1713 Remove instance follows 3 years ago
Dessalines 02c3d5774a Redundant to_owned 3 years ago
Felix 52938e27a9 Implemented follow/accept 3 years ago
Dessalines b88140789c Removing redundant to_owned 3 years ago
Dessalines 098a348f2a Adding live reloading of config.hjson changes through UI. 3 years ago
Felix 752f1d171a Rename federation-test to federation, puller.rs to fetcher.rs 3 years ago
Felix Ableitner adcd39f1dc Store remote communities/posts in db, federate posts! 3 years ago
Dessalines 9f4915092a Federation DB Changes. 3 years ago
Dessalines 6a54c283cf Squashed commit of the following: 3 years ago
Felix 45f68a229a Implement HTTP API using generics (fixes #380) 3 years ago
Dessalines cde04cdb0b Fix issue with adding multiple instances of chatserver. 3 years ago
Dessalines 6b78d2a6ef removing some comments. 3 years ago
Dessalines c926c1134e Trying to add r2d2 connection pooling to websockets. 3 years ago
Felix f52b0981a7 Make various functions async 3 years ago
Felix bca47058c4 Upgrade actix to 2.0 (fixes #392) 3 years ago
Felix Ableitner fe8b13bbce Apply changes suggested by cargo clippy (fixes #395) 3 years ago