23 Commits (d502945907b3a27ee6f6e03086aa711f9ab6f3ac)

Author SHA1 Message Date
DashEightMate 8bb646c9f0 all depdencies updated, partway through resolving breaking changes 1 year ago
Felix Ableitner dd86c6a560 Move api structs and rate limit into separate workspaces 2 years ago
Felix Ableitner 8974072a61 Refactor websocket to split it into multiple files 2 years ago
nutomic b55dd5e6de Implement context (#86) 2 years ago
Felix 489dfd7796 Rework imports 2 years ago
Dessalines 55ea990905 Federated mentions. Fixes #681 (#717) 2 years ago
Dessalines b572d69215 Some fed fixes. 2 years ago
Dessalines 183d897ab6 Changing wait to spawn in websocket. 2 years ago
Dessalines d4238113f8 Adding web::blocks to routes. 2 years ago
asonix 07e4c1f8d4 Use get_ip in ratelimit middleware 2 years ago
asonix 534b6efdc7 Guard CreateCommunity, represent impossible error with Infallible 2 years ago
asonix 9d7a0a0021 Add websockets into the api scope 2 years ago
asonix 1b07146e13 Change RateLimit to act as a middleware 2 years ago
Dessalines 4755369207 Adding websocket notification system. 2 years ago
Dessalines ec905cf9e2 Adding full logging. 3 years ago
Dessalines cde04cdb0b Fix issue with adding multiple instances of chatserver. 3 years ago
Dessalines aaa911c183 A first pass at using materialized views. 3 years ago
Dessalines c926c1134e Trying to add r2d2 connection pooling to websockets. 3 years ago
Felix bca47058c4 Upgrade actix to 2.0 (fixes #392) 3 years ago
Felix Ableitner fe8b13bbce Apply changes suggested by cargo clippy (fixes #395) 3 years ago
Felix Ableitner 1978180a0d Use actix config to handle routes in seperate folders (#378) 3 years ago
Felix Ableitner 89c300b697 Implementing very basic federation including test setup 3 years ago
Dessalines 1c5e08a9dd Config fixes. 3 years ago
Felix Ableitner 08450ef3c8 Added option to enable/disable federation 3 years ago
Felix Ableitner f78ea2a779 Implement webfinger (fixes #149) 3 years ago
Felix Ableitner 9f43a7a22e Implement config (fixes #351) 3 years ago
Lyra 2e3da1b979 Add correct ActivityPub types conversion for Community and Post. 3 years ago
Dessalines b3bd4d2b56 Moving front end routes from nginx to actix 3 years ago
Lyra c1c595b4f6 Import the Settings struct instead of prefixing the namespace 3 years ago
Lyra e72f294442 Add configuration variables in order to allow binding lemmy to a different adress/port 3 years ago
Dessalines 716b31b2c5 Some RSS work. 3 years ago
Felix Ableitner 27a5fae702 Add feed for all 3 years ago
Felix Ableitner 34d8924242 fix sort parameter handling, handle errors 3 years ago
Felix Ableitner aa61f9fbce wip 3 years ago
Felix Ableitner 00ec434d66 basic, working rss feeds 3 years ago
Felix Ableitner 09d111fd4a Implement RSS feeds (fixes #118) 3 years ago
Dessalines 431c64230f Running cargo fmt 3 years ago
Felix Ableitner 55591317dc preserve json order 3 years ago
Felix Ableitner 506430f77c rewrite 3 years ago
Felix Ableitner 37a56ebb16 got it working 3 years ago
Felix Ableitner ade30c349f Implement nodeinfo support (fixes #144) 3 years ago
Dessalines d0e8c7ea06 Running cargo fmt on server code. 3 years ago
Dessalines 25c8bca2c3 Formatting fixes. 3 years ago
jonnnh a4cc9e8f71 upgrade 3 years ago
jonnnh ce7b25abae upgrade 3 years ago
Dessalines 826e6a2b58 Adding API docs for app developers. 3 years ago
Dessalines 14038f5a59 Done with reorg 3 years ago
Dessalines a36a7f219d More reorg 3 years ago
Dessalines c928715466 Reorganizing files before splitting out API 3 years ago
Dessalines 10a3256a6d Fixing ip 3 years ago