Hexbear is the engine that powers Chapochat. It is a customization of the Lemmy project.
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# optional: parameters for automatic configuration of new instance (only used at first start)
setup: {
# username for the admin user
admin_username: "hexdev"
# password for the admin user
admin_password: "hexbear"
# optional: email for the admin user (can be omitted and set later through the website)
admin_email: ""
# name of the site (can be changed later)
site_name: "hexbear development"
# settings related to the postgresql database
database: {
# username to connect to postgres
user: "lemmy"
# password to connect to postgres
password: "password"
# host where postgres is running
host: "localhost"
# port where postgres can be accessed
port: 5432
# name of the postgres database for lemmy
database: "lemmy"
# maximum number of active sql connections
pool_size: 5
# the domain name of your instance (eg "dev.lemmy.ml")
hostname: null
# address where lemmy should listen for incoming requests
bind: ""
# port where lemmy should listen for incoming requests
port: 8536
# json web token for authorization between server and client
jwt_secret: "changeme"
# The location of the frontend
front_end_dir: "../ui/dist"
# address where pictrs is available
pictrs_url: "http://pictrs:8080"
# rate limits for various user actions, by user ip
rate_limit: {
# maximum number of messages created in interval
message: 180
# interval length for message limit
message_per_second: 60
# maximum number of posts created in interval
post: 6
# interval length for post limit
post_per_second: 600
# maximum number of registrations in interval
register: 3
# interval length for registration limit
register_per_second: 3600
# maximum number of image uploads in interval
image: 6
# interval length for image uploads
image_per_second: 3600
comment: 4
comment_per_second: 120
report: 4
report_per_second: 600
direct_message: 4
direct_message_per_second: 120
# settings related to activitypub federation
federation: {
# whether to enable activitypub federation. this feature is in alpha, do not enable in production.
enabled: false
# whether tls is required for activitypub. only disable this for debugging, never for producion.
tls_enabled: true
# comma separated list of instances with which federation is allowed
allowed_instances: ""
# comma separated list of instances which are blocked from federating
blocked_instances: ""
captcha: {
enabled: true
difficulty: medium # Can be easy, medium, or hard
captcha: {
enabled: true
provider: lemmy # Can be lemmy, hcaptcha
difficulty: medium # Can be easy, medium, or hard
hcaptcha_secret_key: "0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000"
hcaptcha_site_key: "10000000-ffff-ffff-ffff-000000000001"
hcaptcha_verify_url: "https://hcaptcha.com/siteverify"
twofactor: {
cache_size: 100
allowed_characters: "0123456789"
code_length: 8
# # email sending configuration
# email: {
# # hostname and port of the smtp server
# smtp_server: ""
# # login name for smtp server
# smtp_login: ""
# # password to login to the smtp server
# smtp_password: ""
# # address to send emails from, eg "[email protected]"
# smtp_from_address: ""
# # whether or not smtp connections should use tls
# use_tls: true
# }
# configure the user auth toden defaults
auth_token: {
auth_minutes: 5760 # the ammount of time in minutes a new token is authorised for by default
renew_minutes: 5760 # the ammount of time in minutes a renewed token is authorised for by default
renew_window_minutes: 360 # the ammount of time in minutes before a token expiry to renew at