Hexbear Collective
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Slop for the nerds

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A simple duplicate-resolving image host

Updated 4 days ago

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repo for emojis and emotes

Updated 3 months ago

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Hexbear is the engine that powers Chapochat. It is a customization of the Lemmy project.

Updated 4 months ago

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Updated 5 months ago

An attempt to redo the activitystreams library

Updated 8 months ago

Extension types for activitytreams-sketch

Updated 8 months ago

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A hexdev maintained Fork of: https://git.asonix.dog/asonix/pict-rs.git: (A simple duplicate-resolving image host) To add site-specific features

Updated 2 years ago

This is a collection of various policies and discussions related to ChapoChat

Updated 2 years ago

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Python wrappers for the Hexbear API

Updated 2 years ago

Pictrs but for chapo.

Updated 2 years ago