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@ -10,19 +10,12 @@
"Keep calm and VOTE",
"ok guys hear me out, nordic socialism",
"Everyone's a lib except me",
"pig poop balls",
"Is this a bit?",
"Shitposters of the world UNITE!",
"bear with us",
"pee pee poo poo",
"Piss and shit",
"consensual gay sex with your dad",
"Cum Guzzled through a Dog's Muzzle",
"Welcome to the cum zone",
"Y'all hear about cum?",
"It wasn't okay to close the subreddit as a joke",
"All Bunny Cops Are Bastards",
"Official Community for the podcast Citations Needed",
@ -54,7 +47,6 @@
"All Cats Are Beautiful",
"Post hog",
"Is this going to be something like the minecraft splash text?",
"Cumming is bourgeois",
"The volcel police are on the scene!",
"I'm just here for the shitposting",
"Now accepting suggestions for today's struggle session",
@ -84,7 +76,6 @@
"Welcome home, comrade",
"Hillary Clinton is an idea, a world-historical heroine, light itself",
"Is your hate pure?",
"Mr. Gorbachev, hit these back walls",
"If I cant post, it isn't my revolution",
"Ripping off Futurama taglines since 3020",
"the revolution will be petitionised",
@ -110,12 +101,10 @@
"\u0645\u0631\u06af \u0628\u0631 \u0622\u0645\u0631\u06cc\u06a9",
"the wise man solemnly bowed his head and spoke: \"there's actually zero difference between good &bad things. you imbecile. you fucking moron.\"",
"There's no longer a dang CHEETO in the whitehouse!",
"THIS SITE IS HENTAI FREE. Lookin for it? Leave",
"who the fuck is scraeming \"LOG OFF\" at my house. show yourself, coward. i will never log off",
"i dont understand what this anime has to do with the interview",
"\"im not owned! im not owned!!\", i continue to insist as i slowly shrink and transform into a corn cob",
"There is no ethical cum under capitalism",
"Everything is fucked. Piracy is cool",
"Yeet the rich",
"...In Minecraft",
@ -130,11 +119,8 @@
"Down with Cis",
"remember to fraternally kiss a comrade today",
"healthcare pls",
"where we cum once we cum all",
"belligerent and numerous",
"This machine kills fascists",
"Post hog!",
"A website about being gay with your dad",
"Capitalism, more like crapitalism, amirite xD",
"Line go down",
"Officially endorsed by George Soros",
@ -148,12 +134,8 @@
"Be gay, do crimes",
"social democracy is objectively the moderate wing of fascism",
"Real possum hours",
"go to horny jail... bonk!",
"Hillary Clinton Fan Club",
"Kick grass and smoke ass",
"And where did that bring you? Back to me",
"Post Hog",
"Check out this dope-ass bear",
"Volcel Gang",
"Who must go?",
@ -165,19 +147,16 @@
"Fursona Honeypot",
"Running on Java Minecraft v0.9",
"unfortunately not everyone here is a volcel",
"Avoid the Noid",
"America deserved 9/11",
"Chatters Last Against The Wall",
"Time is a flat hex",
"taft had the biggest cock",
"Train good. Car bad.",
"like reddit but without the nazis",
"I cannot fucking wait until Henry Kissinger verbs",
"This is how Bernie can still win",
"Mad, red, and nude online.",
"It’s MOSCOW_TIME in Moscow, get to posting!",
"i got pigpoop balls from the fucking moderator.",
"It’s <MOSCOW_TIME> in Moscow, get to posting!",
"too young, too simple, sometimes naive!!!",
"who built the cages?",
@ -194,9 +173,7 @@
"Why can’t you be open about your Stalinism?",
"PinkNews but Pinkoer",
"suck off a liberal and a fascist cums",
"Direct Action, It Gets the Goods",
"Like if you gave ketamine to a child with oppositional defiant disorder",
"You're a TERF, Harry!",
"You’re a gusano, Harry!",
@ -204,10 +181,8 @@
"who the fuck is screaming “ADJUST YOUR POSTING” at my house. show yourself, coward. i will never adjust my posting",
"To post cringe on the Internet. This is a twelfth type of liberalism.",
"To break your volcel oath. This is a twelfth type of liberalism.",
"To disagree with my obviously correct takes. This is a twelfth type of liberalism.",
"To put an opinion under the chad wojak that more correctly fits under the soy wojak. This is a twelfth type of liberalism.",
"The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles.",
@ -230,7 +205,6 @@
"It's <MOSCOW_TIME> somewhere in the world.",
"It's finger-lickin' good.",
"Like Google+, but better.",
"Had to have high, high hopes for a living",
"Sir, this is a Wendy's.",
"Where are your fingers?",
@ -244,12 +218,10 @@
"So long, and thanks for all the fish!",
"sudo rm -rf /",
"Déjà vu!",
"Déjà vu!",
"Alexa, end racism.",
"Siri, seize the means of production.",
"What if we kissed while reading theory? Haha, just kidding... unless? :soviet-bashful:",
"There's not enough testosterone in the world to compete with the name Virgil Texas.",
"Why would a grown man whose shirt says \"Genius at Work\" spend all of his time posting lib shit?",
"Now where could my pipe be?",
"That's Numberwang!",
@ -259,8 +231,6 @@
"Wanna know a secret? Everyone on this site is a liberal, except for you. ;)",
"WARNING: Some viewers may find this content to be cringe. Viewer discretion is advised.",
"[/c/main](/c/main) is the worst comm",
"[/c/porn](/ppb) is the best comm",
"[/c/hentai](/ppb) is the best comm",
"Day <RANDOM:20:100> of attempting to will myself into becoming a lizard",
"Joe Biden owes me $2,000. Kamala Harris owes me $2,000. Nancy Pelosi owes me $2,000. Chuck Schumer owes me $2,000.",
"What about third impeachment?",
@ -268,7 +238,6 @@
"Home of the Silver Legion",
"Lee Harvey Oswald was actually going for John Forbes Kerry, there was just a mix-up at the CIA.",
"Your website is like bait, we were drawn to it like art thief to a van Druys. You thought you were in the clear? Though luck, kid. You thought you were so vigilant. But in reality, you were a poster who was so blind.",
"Anti-Horny Action",
"The only site with an Anacho-Stalinist Mod Cabal",
"I mustn't log off. I mustn't log off. I mustn't log off. :shinji-screm:",
"I'm the only poster, everyone else is my alt.",
@ -282,7 +251,6 @@
"you may not have faced material consequences, but you were held accountable.",
"Hitler was a Marxist, Marx studied Leninism. Lenin studied Stalinism, Stalinism is Communism. The linear progression of time proves that.",
":power-stride: Ain't nothin' gonna break my stride :power-stride:",
"Too young, too simple, sometimes naive.",
"Stan Kelly Fan Club",
":freedom-hater: The Official Club of Freedom Haters and Flag Burners :amerikkka:",
@ -296,18 +264,11 @@
"Remember, the next Antifa meeting is at <CURRENT_USER>'s house.",
"<CURRENT_USER> needs to log off.",
"haha, manufactured consent printer go brrr",
"for like 8 months i thought covid was one of those joke diseases where you ask 'what's covid' and the other guy tells tou to suck his nuts",
"ive decided that the idea of 'Baths' sucks. yeah i really want to spend an hour laying down next to my toilet. stupid ass. Suck off me",
"just obliterated a birds nest with a weedwacker becsuse it could see me jacking off in my house at a certain angle",
"cant go 2 seconds without someone trying to tell me piss is good. if piss is so good then why do they pay guys to mop it up?? go read Theory",
"scrolling through 900,000 emails calling me a hideous cock sucker to find a benihana coupon i thought i saw like a week ago",
"<CURRENT_USER> is a liberal.",
"shidding out of my doodoo ass",
"you love to see it folks",
":pete: If we can light up a high school gym—we can light a neighborhood. :pete:",
"Kissinger: still not dead :angery:",
":le-monke: UH OH< I THINK I MADE A POOPIE :^)^)^)^)^))^)^:^)^:^) :le-monke:",
"YOU! Yes, you, <CURRENT_USER>. Go read [The Conquest of Bread](",
"YOU! Yes, you, <CURRENT_USER>. Go read [State and Revolution](",
"YOU! Yes, you, <CURRENT_USER>. Go read [Combat Liberalism](",
@ -342,7 +303,6 @@
"lib, laugh, love",
"bawling, numb, desolate as i realize my specific way of clogging my fuckig arteries was messed up",
"Proud single-day host of the CPC",
"proud cop hating buttlog community",
"there is a french person in my house and he keeps asking me what this picture of a pipe is, please help",
"current person of ridicule: <CURRENT_USER>",
"what if we had communism but <CURRENT_USER> wasn't invited to it, that'd be fucking hilarious",
@ -358,7 +318,6 @@
"putting a bunch of random shit next to a soyboy wojak and seeing who gets mad",
"max stirner was made up by engels in order for marx to get really mad at him",
"I’d just like to interject for a moment. What you’re refering to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux.",
"i am trying to log onto discord to debate you, unfortunately the captcha says i need a picture of your genitalia to proceed, please send it posthaste so we can engage in the marketplace of ideas",
"alright as you can see, i just went shopping at home depot, you should do the same, this wood, this board, this magnificent piece of poplar, is now mine.",
"proud mod team of internet janitors preaching the values of communism and hrt (for those who wish to partake in it)",
@ -421,5 +380,18 @@
"In 2003 I was calling 4chan “404chan” because every link was 404. Did you hear me, KID? I knew 404chan blew in 2003. 2003.",
"Posting is labor. I am a Hexbear worker.",
"The internet's largest Hufflepuff forum",
"I'm Painbow#<RANDOM:1000:9999> on Discord. I'm welcoing your phone calls but you're all scared of me. Looks like I win"
"I'm Painbow#<RANDOM:1000:9999> on Discord. I'm welcoing your phone calls but you're all scared of me. Looks like I win",
"[/c/politicalcompassmemes](/ppb) is the best comm",
"We must protect our precious bodily fluids",
"this is on you for showing this site to a geriatric therapist. You shouldn't do that.",
"kill your idols - love your comrades :trans-heart:",
"garfield can have a little tobacco, as a treat",
"he was more than a hero, he was a union man!",
"This drink is 3 hours late, it had better be EXTRA frothy.",
"The whole world is a design problem.",
"I may fuck off to Mexico with my dad because he says he regrets coming here",
"Francis Fukuyama predicted the end of history, but he could not predict the End Of Evangelion.",
"If there's a class that holds too much power, nerf it.",
"Owning stuff isn't a real job.",
"Before you can take on the boss you’ll need a Party"