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// mimic the linkEvent function from inferno for easier migration
// helpers from inferno-shared
// @ts-ignore
// eslint-disable-next-line @typescript-eslint/ban-types
export function isFunction(o: any): o is Function {
return typeof o === 'function';
export function isNull(o: any): o is null {
return o === null;
export interface LinkedEvent<T, E extends Event> {
data: T;
event: (data: T, event: E) => void;
* Links given data to event as first parameter
* @param {*} data data to be linked, it will be available in function as first parameter
* @param {Function} event Function to be called when event occurs
* @returns {{data: *, event: Function}}
export function linkEvent<T, E extends Event>(
data: T,
event: (data: T, event: E) => void
// @TODO: Properly type this at some point, but i have no idea how to do it with curried functions like this
): any {
if (isFunction(event)) {
return evt => event(data, evt);
return null; // Return null when event is invalid, to avoid creating unnecessary event handlers
// object.event should always be function, otherwise its badly created object.
export function isLinkEventObject(o): o is LinkedEvent<any, any> {
return !isNull(o) && typeof o === 'object';