2497 Commits (caa2884cd53f9a619c7e075b80254f19488342b2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
DashEightMate caa2884cd5 Merge pull request 'relax slur filter' (#322) from layla/lemmy-hexbear:feature/relax-slurfilter into main 4 months ago
DashEightMate ab41c2035f Merge pull request 'Selfhosted frontend' (#319) from feature/frontend-selfhost into main 4 months ago
layla 93816f1482 Further relax slur filter 5 months ago
layla 2eb8d2355c Merge branch 'main' into feature/relax-slurfilter 5 months ago
Dash8 c80083119d use correct name for prod frontend container 5 months ago
Dash8 8439a9c1a2 point to correct image in dockercompose, move docs to frontend, remove frontend from build and submodule 5 months ago
Dash8 d502945907 Merge branch 'main' into feature/frontend-selfhost 5 months ago
DashEightMate 96cdc5111d Merge pull request 'Fix the iframely "before you continue" issue with youtube videos' (#318) from fix/youtube-beforeyoucontinue into main 5 months ago
Dash8 227e0ef207 update iframely image on all docker-compose files 5 months ago
Dash8 d725621f17 try moving git folder up a level and see if vergen stops complaining 5 months ago
DashEightMate 9895033a1a update rust version of prod dockerfile 5 months ago
DashEightMate 79a3c3e378 Merge branch 'main' into fix/youtube-beforeyoucontinue 5 months ago
DashEightMate 3ab0d72c5d Bump dev dockerfile to newer rust version, move to cargo-chef, properly deserialize iframely json 5 months ago
DashEightMate a8410673fa Merge pull request 'Update dependencies on the backend' (#323) from fix/update-dependencies into main 5 months ago
Dash8 b2e45b29f2 bump rust version drone builds under 5 months ago
DashEightMate 31ad8e7295 Merge branch 'main' into fix/update-dependencies 5 months ago
DashEightMate 895dde4d4b Update readme with non-broken image link and working build statuses 5 months ago
Dash8 d2fa7a37b6 Resolved merge conflicts for update-dependencies branch 5 months ago
Dash8 d3f92fca94 resolved breaking changes with dependency updates 5 months ago
DashEightMate 8bb646c9f0 all depdencies updated, partway through resolving breaking changes 5 months ago
layla 4f14945197 relax slur filter 6 months ago
DashEightMate 596ecb99b2 Merge branch 'main' into fix/youtube-beforeyoucontinue 7 months ago
DashEightMate 27a4b0b617 Merge pull request 'fix/rust-panic' (#320) from StalinistApologist/lemmy-hexbear:fix/rust-panic into main 7 months ago
Stalinist Apologist 136e78a253 Update config to 0.11.0 to fix panic. 7 months ago
Stalinist Apologist 3d6dca0bde Update code to work with Rust 1.53 7 months ago
DashEightMate 456dc1d19f fixed dependency panic on new rust versions 7 months ago
DashEightMate 1bb0226b5b change docker-compose to expose frontend server ports 7 months ago
DashEightMate 0d993f10f9 update dockercompose to expose frontend port 7 months ago
DashEightMate 5d3f1a5117 remove frontend hosting from rust backend, wip new nginx conf 7 months ago
DashEightMate 90026a0959 bump iframely version, support for iframely on dev docker environments, fix for comm creation with site creation 7 months ago
DashEightMate f077d87a3d allow site defaults and admin creation when no other admins exist 7 months ago
DashEightMate 9d610421d0 fix collision with /iframely/docker 8 months ago
DashEightMate 0d0956b3e3 move iframely volume to directory to support plugin dir 8 months ago
DashEightMate 50e94f0422 Merge pull request 'fix/better-ratelimits' (#316) from fix/better-ratelimits into main 8 months ago
DashEightMate 94fdab4c8e Merge pull request 'added more words to slurfilter' (#317) from fix/expanded-slurfilter into main 8 months ago
Dash8 3d7b3ccc67 add ratelimits to default 8 months ago
Dash8 041755894b added more words to slurfilter 8 months ago
Dash8 8a87c08b57 direct message ratelimits as well 8 months ago
Dash8 fb43ce7a74 more granular ratelimit categories 8 months ago
Dash8 285c5c6ea7 5min new user wait time for posts and comments 9 months ago
Dash8 07c271fa3c fix autosubscribe sql, cargo fmt 9 months ago
Dash8 4b16ea8e1c implement autosubscribe_comms column 9 months ago
DashEightMate 3443fe54f4 Merge pull request 'remove banned users from getsite endpoint' (#311) from fix/remove-sitebans-from-site-endpoint into main 9 months ago
DashEightMate 5c96d3ea5f Merge pull request 'change bid substring to colon delimiter' (#310) from feature/better-mod-tooling into main 9 months ago
DashEightMate 26bc0d8a11 remove banned users from getsite endpoint 9 months ago
DashEightMate 59aad118eb change bid substring to colon delimiter 9 months ago
DashEightMate 1979b2772f Merge pull request 'feature/better-mod-tooling' (#309) from feature/better-mod-tooling into main 9 months ago
John Doe bd1d12fae6 username clear option with mass removal 9 months ago
John Doe bbb8498344 add length check on jwt 9 months ago
John Doe 120c925fbc simplify join for users by bid 9 months ago