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DashEightMate 895dde4d4b Update readme with non-broken image link and working build statuses 5 months ago
DashEightMate 0d993f10f9 update dockercompose to expose frontend port 7 months ago
DashEightMate d687a6717f Notice that the server is nonworking in 1.48+ 1 year ago
ryexandrite 4906fe46b6 align build badges 1 year ago
Ryexandra bb512105eb Let jobs run on mian branch and pr's to it but don't deploy 1 year ago
alltheseteeth d56abed22b changing phrasing of readme 1 year ago
alltheseteeth a32ee300ff updated readme with engine rebrand 1 year ago
Dessalines 03422f2d51 Switch front end to use lemmy-js-client. Fixes #1090 (#1097) 1 year ago
Ryexandra a19048507a components: Fix some react warnings. 1 year ago
Stalinist Apologist 3ac3a09b6b Add a minimal readme section to get people started. 1 year ago
Stalinist Apologist fc65016ad9 Add sitemod feature. 1 year ago
Dessalines 049f47fb32 Add Apps / Clients section to readme. (#1019) 2 years ago
Dessalines dbac6f4993 Changing references from master to main. #820 2 years ago
alltheseteeth cfe0050d03 updating README with a link to original 2 years ago
ed neville c7ef6e3a01 Minor correction of nouns in README.md 2 years ago
Lorenz Schmidt d7302ec9ed Indicate unstable API in README and mdbook (#781) 2 years ago
Dessalines 502edd6e45 Changing federated community and user links and searching. 2 years ago
niniack efb2b46724 swap imgur links for github links 2 years ago
Dessalines ddee5d124f Adding code mirror section to readme. 2 years ago
Dessalines 3e09def90c Add open collective (#637) 2 years ago
Dessalines 5d820e7a77 Updating code url references to https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy 2 years ago
Felix e1ff21b4f2 Revert "pull in activitypub library" 2 years ago
Felix Ableitner 8a3dd0a94c remove utm parameter 2 years ago
ButterflyOfFire 176db01f23 Update README.md 2 years ago
Felix Ableitner 0a92b34e21 remove translation report from readme 2 years ago
Felix fe41fee85a make i18n compatible with weblate 2 years ago
Felix 077efcfb46 pull in activitypub library 2 years ago
Dessalines 7803507649 Add line for private messaging support. 2 years ago
Dessalines 1731700137 Don't show post url if its local. 2 years ago
Dessalines 488d084e20 Add a user guide. Fixes #543 2 years ago
Dessalines a8eee2adf2 Updating translation report. 2 years ago
Dessalines 78d3cc1876 Add oembed to readme. 2 years ago
Dessalines e3d763c310 Add new comments views to main and community pages. Fixes #480 2 years ago
Dessalines b5d94fa7e5 Fixing rate limit checking to only ping after a success. Fixes #516 2 years ago
Dessalines f96ba00d3b Increasing post title length limit to 200. Fixes #515 2 years ago
Dessalines f3b3c55df0 Reworking README.md. Fixes #513. 2 years ago
Dessalines 1f9f71c3f5 Adding Liberapay. 2 years ago
Dessalines cf3480e515 Adding language and etc for pt-br. 2 years ago
Dessalines baa40bc2b6 Forgot to add cross-posted to, to i18n. 2 years ago
Jose Francisco Martinez Salgado 3209bf3f6c Translations report updated 2 years ago
Dessalines f47b690a74 Add disclaimer about image uploading. Fixes #501 2 years ago
Dessalines 0694d560cc Finishing up interpolation rework. 2 years ago
Dessalines 3001966b15 Adding materia theme. Fixes #478 2 years ago
Richie Zhang c6dc7b4720 Fix the broken link on the Lemmy logo. 2 years ago
Dessalines b738acd4ba Removing english placeholders for Farsi. 2 years ago
Mostafa Ahangarha d3d547f943 Remove word repeattion 2 years ago
Dessalines e8ac63e0c5 Adding yarn run ts-node to husky pre-commit. 2 years ago
Dessalines 65f68cc04a Formatting translation file, changing deploy script to const. 2 years ago
David c5bbed3e54 Added and completed CA translation 2 years ago
David b8c5e00599 ES translation completed & some fixes 2 years ago