Hexbear is the engine that powers Chapochat. It is a customization of the Lemmy project.
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A link aggregator / reddit clone for the fediverse.

Lemmy Dev instance for testing purposes only

This is a very early beta version, and a lot of features are currently broken or in active development, such as federation.

Front Page Post
main screen chat screen


  • Open source, AGPL License.
  • Self hostable, easy to deploy.
  • Live-updating Comment threads.
  • Full vote scores (+/-) like old reddit.
  • Moderation abilities.
    • Public Moderation Logs.
    • Both site admins, and community moderators, who can appoint other moderators.
    • Can lock, remove, and restore posts and comments.
    • Can ban and unban users from communities and the site.
  • Clean, mobile-friendly interface.
  • High performance.
    • Server is written in rust.
    • Front end is ~80kB gzipped.


Lemmy is similar to sites like Reddit, Lobste.rs, Raddle, or Hacker News: you subscribe to forums you're interested in, post links and discussions, then vote, and comment on them. Behind the scenes, it is very different; anyone can easily run a server, and all these servers are federated (think email), and connected to the same universe, called the Fediverse.

For a link aggregator, this means a user registered on one server can subscribe to forums on any other server, and can have discussions with users registered elsewhere.

The overall goal is to create an easily self-hostable, decentralized alternative to reddit and other link aggregators, outside of their corporate control and meddling.

Each lemmy server can set its own moderation policy; appointing site-wide admins, and community moderators to keep out the trolls, and foster a healthy, non-toxic environment where all can feel comfortable contributing.

Why's it called Lemmy?

Made with Rust, Actix, Inferno, Typescript and Diesel.



Make sure you have both docker and docker-compose installed.

git clone https://github.com/dessalines/lemmy
cd lemmy
./docker_update.sh # This pulls the newest version, builds and runs it

and goto http://localhost:8536

Local Development


Set up Postgres DB

 psql -c "create user rrr with password 'rrr' superuser;" -U postgres
 psql -c 'create database rrr with owner rrr;' -U postgres


git clone https://github.com/dessalines/lemmy
cd lemmy
# For live coding, where both the front and back end, automagically reload on any save, do:
# cd ui && yarn start
# cd server && cargo watch -x run

and goto http://localhost:8536



Lemmy is free, open-source software, meaning no advertising, monetizing, or venture capital, ever. Your donations directly support full-time development of the project.


Icons made by Freepik licensed by CC 3.0