Hexbear is the engine that powers Chapochat. It is a customization of the Lemmy project.
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Rust Reddit Fediverse (to be renamed later)

We have a twitter alternative (mastodon), a facebook alternative (friendica), so let's build a reddit alternative in the fediverse.

Goals / TODOs

  • Come up with a name / codename.
  • Must have communities.
  • Must have threaded comments.
  • Should the comments / votes be static, or feel like a chat, like flowchat?.
  • How does voting work? Should we go back to the old way of showing up and downvote counts? Or just a score?
  • Should it allow bots?
  • Decide on tech to be used: I prefer Actix, Diesel for the back end, inferno, typescript and bootstrap for the front end.
  • How do we do the activitypub stuff?