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This is an article to collect general issues with mod/admin tools, specifically beyond tools exclusively dedicated to our protracted peoples' war against spam. Issues related to mod tools for combating spam can be found in the [Holistic Abuse Mitigation Strategy](Holistic Abuse Mitigation Strategy) page.

Please consider checking both if working on an issue in here, in case there are multiple issues that might be best tackled together; for example, both pages speak to changes to the Reports page.


Admin/mod power hierarchy conflicts

Admins can't act on posts by other admins. They can't pin, remove, or otherwise take mod/admin actions on each others content. This is possibly a result of a baked-in 'mod/admin hierarchy' based on who was given powers first, but I'm not sure. All I know is that it would be good if an admin could pin another admin's post, or even remove it if need be.

The following example is how the issue was discovered:

  • A and B are both admins and mods on !main.
  • A was designated both mod and admin before B.
  • A makes a post.
  • B wants to sticky it but can't, so A stickies it.
  • B discovers they can't take any mod/admin actions on the post.
  • This includes deleting the post, or modding/demodding/adminning/de-adminning the user.

This specific bug is issue #159.

Problems Pinning

In general, pinning is buggy, beyond just the specific issue described above. Sometimes one mod can't pin something and another can. Sometimes it's the same, with unpinning. Sometimes you'll try to pin something a couple times and it doesn't stick (lol), and then on a further attempt, it does. Research is needed into the details of the problem, before solutions can be suggested.

Modlog: Searchability

The modlog is an essential tool for mod accountability, but it's also an indispensable tool for moderators themselves. It would be immensely helpful if mods could search the Modlog by username. It would allow mods to weigh the history/context of a user when considering actions, and it's important for mods to be able to justify past actions against users, especially when offending content is usually disappeared from a banned user's profile via removal.

User Profile: Make removed content visible to mods

Similarly, a mod tool should be developed that allows mods to easily see removed content by a user. As it is, removed posts simply do not appear on a user's profile. There should be a 'see removed posts' button on a user's profile, that's only visible to moderators, that shows all removed posts by that user.

Similarly, but for comments: there is currently no way for a mod to see what a removed comment said. Mods can 'restore', read the comment, and then 'remove' it again, but this is hacky and results in a new Modlog entry. But, it is important for mods to be able to understand a user's history when considering action, so a button that allows (only mods) to see what the removed content was would be helpful.

Report log: consolidate reports by comment/post

Sometimes the report log gets messy, and one of the ways this happens is when 10+ users report the same content before a mod gets to it.

It would be great if each comment/post was only one item in the report log, no matter how many times it has been reported, perhaps with a 'reported X times' text at the top, that when clicked expands into a list of users who reported it, and their reasons.

This would both make the report log more navigable, and provide important context to the moderator; ie., that this item has been reported numerous times.

Additionally, it would save mods time to only have to click resolve once per offending post/comment.

This is part of issue #157.

Report log: indicate if content removed/user banned

It would also help to see on the report log entry whether the comment/post you're looking at has already been removed, and if the user who posted it has already been banned.

Currently, mods have to click away from the report log to get this essential context. It would save time and clicks to just have it be a part of the report log item :)

This is part of issue #157.