0 Older UX Findings: UX Finding 3 Nested Comment Colors
ryexandrite edited this page 10 months ago

This is a simple thing but could help with the accessibility of the comment threads. Currently, each comment on a post has a color associated with it to aid in reading and following the lines.

It currently goes:

  • Level 1 - Grey (parent comment)
  • Level 2 - Red
  • Level 3 - Light green
  • Level 4 - Dark green
  • Level 5 - Blue
  • Level 6 - Purple
  • Level 7 - Red, repeats cycle starting from level 2

image Figure 1. Comments with their level distinguishing colors to the left.

The only problem is that Level 3 and Level 4 are both shades of green and can be difficult to distinguish.

Recommend changing Level 4 Dark Green to another color or switching it with Level 6 Purple (meaning Level 4 would be purple and level 6 would be dark green).