5 Security Statement AKA Warrant Canary
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Last Updated: December 1st, 2021

This warrant canary will be updated periodically. Previous versions can be viewed in the page revisions. 

Security Statement AKA Warrant Canary

We have not placed any backdoors into our software and have not received any requests for doing so.

  • Since our launch in July 2020, we have received 0 (zero) government requests for information and complied with 0 (zero) government requests for information.
  • No warrants have ever been served to hexbear.net, or hexbear.net contributors in regards to hexbear.net.
  • No searches or seizures of any kind have ever been performed on hexbear.net assets.

Pay close attention to any modifications to the previous paragraph between updates to this statement. 

Note: The original version of this statement can be found in the Hexbear Privacy Policy. It contains a date error on it from when the site's name changed, which we have corrected. We've switched to hosting this statement on our git's wiki so that it can be updated more easily without having to push code to production.