291 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Aode (Lion) 8bc0fa56a7 Version v0.3.0-alpha.39 1 day ago
Aode (Lion) 316d4bb9dc Stabilize dir generator 1 day ago
Aode (Lion) 9559a8b202 Update cli flags 1 day ago
Aode (Lion) 3fe66129be Update opentelemetry url info 1 day ago
Aode (Lion) 09a6c5bb07 Bump version 1 day ago
Aode (Lion) 34038a0f16 Fix restructure, upload 1 day ago
Aode (Lion) 195f614a4b Restructure attempt 1 2 days ago
Aode (Lion) 0f3be6566e Split upload_manager files 2 days ago
Aode (Lion) 2fb8d3e39a Reduce required Unpin bounds with pin-project-lite 2 days ago
Aode (lion) 4c5482b3a8 Add more instrumentation 7 days ago
Aode (lion) 786d8469ee It works 7 days ago
Aode (Lion) 09cb2a53b0 Rewrite to avoid direct AsyncX impls 7 days ago
Aode (lion) 2318fd9dca Enable io-uring 1 week ago
Aode (Lion) 226cbd1b0a Version v0.3.0-alpha.38-r0 1 week ago
Aode (Lion) 2f20146000 Version v0.3.0-alpha.38 1 week ago
Aode (Lion) 26434eef80 Bump dependencies 1 week ago
Aode (Lion) 23e6657208 Re-enable skipping validation on import, strip when converting to prescribed format 3 weeks ago
Aode (Lion) 5bc58f7ce6 Version v0.3.0-alpha.37 4 weeks ago
Aode (Lion) 15dc79d10e Instrument a couple more functions 4 weeks ago
Aode (lion) 3a651e65de Version v0.3.0-alpha.36 4 weeks ago
Aode (lion) f390c62cbf Wrap BytesFreezer in span 4 weeks ago
Aode (lion) d67478843b Version v0.3.0-alpha.35 4 weeks ago
Aode (lion) ba68bcbde3 Add better span information to commands, spawned tasks 4 weeks ago
Aode (lion) 5be9c604de Version v0.3.0-alpha.34 1 month ago
Aode (lion) 7cb6a15acd Wire up cross-application propagation 1 month ago
Aode (lion) 79a0fa32ee Remove tracing-error workaround 1 month ago
Aode (lion) 5e9d923d03 Instrument for OpenTelemetry 1 month ago
Aode (lion) 7e8c9656ab Version v0.3.0-alpha.33 1 month ago
Aode (lion) 06e402ec72 Don't enter across await points 1 month ago
Aode (Lion) 31fd819545 Version v0.3.0-alpha.32 1 month ago
Aode (Lion) acba660c37 Update to latest actix-form-data 1 month ago
Aode (Lion) 4e3b2a22a8 Version v0.3.0-alpha.31 1 month ago
Aode (Lion) 5d3e6f50b3 Instrument better with Tracing 1 month ago
Aode (lion) e31cbb581b Enable rustls for awc 1 month ago
Aode (lion) 836a4c3e32 Version v0.3.0-alpha.30 1 month ago
Aode (lion) 79bd562d8e Clippy lints 1 month ago
Aode (lion) 68e4f1f4c8 Make uploads cancel-safe 1 month ago
Aode (lion) bf1a16d7d3 Abort process writer task if reader is dropped 1 month ago
Aode (lion) 0ffd66c74e Add and document request deadlines 1 month ago
Aode (Lion) 2ccef76739 Version v0.3.0-alpha.29 1 month ago
Aode (Lion) daa7983101 Bump version 1 month ago
Aode (Lion) c1b2c7706a Add back range header support for thumbnail on generation 1 month ago
Aode (Lion) 6436f48712 Version v0.3.0-alpha.28 1 month ago
Aode (Lion) ce7056ad61 Version v0.3.0-alpha.27 1 month ago
Aode (Lion) ccef9cb8a2 Increase max image size that fits in RAM 1 month ago
Aode (Lion) 45606f4579 Add application-level dimension limiting, bail on failed processes 1 month ago
Aode (Lion) 01f81fd823 README: master -> main 1 month ago
Aode (lion) c959399c56 Update manifest, deploy 1 month ago
Aode (lion) 985d12a59a Version v0.3.0-alpha.26-r2 1 month ago
Aode (lion) 8851fe8d65 Version v0.3.0-alpha.26-r1 1 month ago